LAUNCH Webinar: The 3 Stack Facebook Formula


The Behind-the-Scenes SECRETS of Profitable Facebook Ads

Thursday, July 11th 10am PST


In this Masterclass


The #1 reason your Facebook Ads aren't working, and how to fix them.

To me, this is the sexiest secret I have to share! It's a game changer.

Two things you MUST get right.

If you want your ads to work, you gotta nail these two important details. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how many people see your ad. Period.

My 3 Stack Formula for Facebook Ads that work

No more "old school methods" that waste your hard-earned money. I'll teach you the 3 simple steps that will grow your audiences, grow your list and make you more sales.

How to finally start making sales... on autopilot

The ultimate goal is to make more sales, right? But you can't just jump right in there. I'll show you how simple it is to start moving your customers through a journey that leads them to your offer naturally and (almost) effortlessly!

We not only started to gain momentum for our business but I also started having FUN again because I was able to focus more on the things I love, and am good at. 

-Kimberley Spreen-Glick, Founder of Make A Difference Academy  

This Training Is For You If...

  • Facebook Ads have been on your "bucket list" but you just haven't gotten around to them yet
  • You've been running Facebook Ads, but haven't been getting results (or aren't sure if your results are good!)
  • You're worried about flushing money down the toilet and want to avoid that from the get-go
  • You're ready to invest in growing your list because you know that's where the money's at!
  • You want to stop feeling like you're always scrambling in the marketing department and want to finally feel prepared with a plan

Who the heck is behind this training?

Jackie Ellis - Facebook Ads Geek

Hi! I'm Jackie. And I've got a passion for...YOU. The DREAMER. The DO-ER. The ENTREPRENEUR. You have a message you need to share with the world and I'm the girl to help you do that.  

See, the thing is... you're good at what you do. You know that. But you might not be so great at selling it. And the thought of creating a marketing plan or Facebook Ads makes you want to run and hide. I get it. I wasn't always a marketing strategist (see: geek). 

In fact, just a few years ago I was a fitness professional trying to figure out online marketing myself. I spent hours (...hundreds of hours!) reading, researching, and investing in tools and software that I thought would help me magically get it right. But the truth was that I didn't completely understand marketing. That was the piece that was missing - not some fancy app. 

Eventually, I fell in love with online marketing and viola! Here I am teaching other entrepreneurs what I've learned and applied with my own clients. But believe me. I remember the days of stressed-out hot mess trying to figure it out on my own. And that's why I've created this Free Training. To help share what I've learned and make it a little less messy/crazy/confusing for you. Enjoy!

Want to know more about my story? (hint: there's a shocking surprise!) Click here to read more